Today kicks off our Women’s History Month series with Ms.

Today kicks off our Women’s History Month series with Ms. Lorene Riley!

Being 101 years old, Ms. Riley is definitely a historic woman with plenty of stories, advice, and life experience. Sitting down with Ms. Riley we talked about everything from traveling, to family, to fights, but common themes we continued to circle back to were love and relationships.

Ms. Riley was married 17 years and birthed 5 babies before becoming a widow. Asking what her advice on long lasting relationships, whether they be romantic, friendships, or family, Ms. Riley replied, “Never go to sleep angry at anyone… because it might be your last time seeing them.”
She stated not to hold grudges and to make an effort to genuinely forgive those who hurt us.

After this hard year, many of us were made aware how quickly life can change and how quickly loved ones can be lost. So in an attempt to take Ms. Lorene Riley‘s advice, pull your loved ones in, make forgiveness easy, and make an effort to let go of past hurt.

Thank you for sharing with us Ms. Riley!
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