About SRGC

Since 1957, Swope Ridge has been meeting the long-term, rehabilitative, and elder care needs of Kansas City’s most underserved population. We have a long-standing commitment to delivering quality, compassionate health care for adult residents and patients experiencing challenges associated with aging, trauma, and disability. Our staff of registered nurses, behavioral health professionals, dieticians, and other highly trained medical professionals deliver various treatment programs and services designed to aid in the therapeutic and yet restorative health of all patients.

Many changes have taken place within the community and the organization since its founding.  While policies and the management of healthcare in the United States have experienced a number of ebbs and flows, a few things have stayed the same. One, Swope Ridge continues to be the only long-term care safety net provider recognized by the City of Kansas City to provide care services for the under- and uninsured in the urban area; and two, the organization’s team has honored our heritage, remaining steadfast in our devotion to serving with the same integrity, commitment to high-quality care, compassion, and service it had when the doors opened 62 years ago.

The administrators and staff at Swope Ridge are dedicated to enhancing patient experiences by focusing on a more holistic approach to care, with an emphasis on behavioral and mental health. We are confident not only in the quality measures of the integrative approach, but in the outcomes – restoring the quality of life of each resident and fostering health and optimum well-being for every member of the urban core.