SRGC Comprehensive Geriatric Evaluation

Geriatric disorders are common in physician practices and can be time intensive and difficult to manage. Geriatric patients and their caregivers often need to be engaged in active learning about diagnostic and treatment options. Swope Ridge provides this through specialized diagnostics and management. Our care team is comprised of:

  • Board Certified Physicians with specialty in Geriatric Medicine
  • Clinical Neuropsychologists
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Certified Nurses

Each patient starts with a comprehensive geriatric evaluation to determine the medical, psychological, and functional capabilities and limitations. Standard elements of this evaluation include: medical history review, cognitive testing, depression screening, gait and balance testing, medication review, vision and hearing screening as well as lab studies. After the assessment, a treatment plan is then developed and shared with the patient and the primary caregiver. 

This is not primary practice. We will ensure proper communication with the patient’s primary physician by sending a detailed report of evaluation results with specific treatment recommendations and periodic communications with Swope Ridge Geriatric Center regarding patient status and treatment.

We are fully aware that each patient is a unique individual. Every employee is friendly and knows each patient by name. Initial evaluations take about two hours and follow-up meetings are scheduled as needed.

Most of the services at Swope Ridge are covered by Medicare as well as many insurance plans.

Memory Evaluation

It is common for many seniors to be unaware or to miss the subtle signs of that they may be suffering from memory loss. Because of this, we offer a free memory screening or full evaluation covered by your medical insurance.  Here at SRGC, our team members are experts in helping you understand the changes you may be experiencing in memory function.

Care Management

Working closely with patients and their families, the Swope Ridge Managers develop a treatment plan to define and address these needs in the most effective and least intrusive manner. Additionally, our team can connect you with community resources including: home health care, housing, transportation, adult day health care, senior center, activities, medical equipment, and mental health services.


Our neuropsychologists have extensive experience providing psychotherapy to older adults and their families. Coping with life’s changes can be difficult. We are here to help.

Caregiver Support

Did you know that both family and non-family caregivers play a very important role in the ongoing health and well-being of our patients. At Swope Ridge, the Care Manager is dedicated to helping caregivers adjust to the challenges they face throughout the aging process. Through education, counseling, advocacy, and resource coordination, the Care Manager helps to integrate the caregivers into the overall plan of care so that their concerns and needs are adequately addressed.

Supportive Counseling

We have licensed clinical social workers available to provide supportive counseling for patients who are having difficulty coping with the impact of their medical conditions, transitioning, or other issues that effect those in geriatric care. We believe that our patients should have an experienced professional to turn to when they need help.

Resource Referral

Our staff is knowledgeable in all the local and community resources that are available to you and your caregivers. With a phone call, we can quickly assess your needs and provide appropriate referrals.